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Liverpool FC: Squad Strength and Summer Transfer Needs

Bearing this philosophy in mind, Bleacher report would like to take a look at what Liverpool need to do this summer to guarantee they have a competitive squad next season.

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DiffusionE2564d ago

The last game showed just how poor the quality of the team really is. I used to think LFC needed only 2-3 new quality players to get back into the top 4. But it looks like they need at least 5 new ones.

NewMonday2564d ago

Most important are 3 positions, left MF, right MF and left back. They should be high class caliber and experienced, no bargains or teens, Liverpool should spend 60-70m on these 3 positions . Liverpool should show the same ambition when they spent 60m on Carroll and Suarez.

If the Reds are lucky they could do like Real Madrid and get 2 class wingers like Ozill and DeMaria for just about 30m.

DiffusionE2564d ago

Yeah, but Real Madrid were/are currently the highest-rated club in the world alongwith Barcelona. If any of those two teams wanted Suarez back in January, no other team would've been able to challenge them.

Liverpool currently doesn't have that kind of pulling-power. Sad but true. So they either have to qualify for CL(which they didn't) or offer ridiculous wages to players like City(which they probably can't). Thus, it's safe to say they'll most likely have a tough time attracting world-class players this summer, especially foreign ones.

NewMonday2564d ago

Ozill and DeMaria are world class but RM snapped them up before their prices got inflated, the Reds can get great players for a reasonable sum.

One of the players is Portos Hulk, great strength, running, dribbling, scoring and passing. Ashley Young is a solid consistent player, som others are Garvinho and Bojan. Liverpool can be bold and spend 30m+ on Alexis Sanchiez.

DiffusionE2564d ago

Hulk is wanted by many other big clubs, most of whom can offer Champions League football. Same goes for Garvinho, and Bojan is a gamble.

Sanchez is probably the most-wanted transfer for the summer. Every big club is linked to him, and if any of the following clubs want to sign him, Liverpool will definitely NOT get him -
Barca & Real (Biggest clubs in the world. 'Nuff Said.)
Man City & Chelsea (CL football + huge loads of money)
Man Utd (Currently the most successful EPl club.)

NewMonday2564d ago

I think there are enough players to go around, Barcelona just want fabregas, RM are loaded with wingers they will strengthen other positions, Man City may get Sanchez. Still leaves Liverpool with a lot of options in the market.

CL is not that big an issue, we got Suarez and Carroll when were at the bottom, as long as the Reds have a budget things will be good.

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