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Highlights: Fulham 2-2 Arsenal (English Premier League 22.5.11)

1-0 Sidwell 26'
1-1 R.v.Persie 29'
2-1 Zamora 57'
2-2 Walcott 89'

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Nightfallen1982d ago

Man, it's hard being an Arsenal fan.

sokrates1982d ago

I guess it is. I hope for you guys that Wenger will spend some money on a couple of experienced quality players ahead of the next season. Arsenal is good, but they have been failing when it really matters. Looks like the pressure is killing the young squad.

zootang1981d ago

Not really, you should be used to not winning anything. You havn't for 6 years.

crazyturkey1982d ago

If only our defense was not so average(at best) we would do much better in the long run.