Highlights: Aston Villa 1-0 Liverpool (English Premier League 22.5.11)

1-0 Downing 33'

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sokrates2133d ago

<That ends a really good period for Liverpool. Today they were a shadow of themselves.

zootang2132d ago

They will have a shock next year when they will struggle just as much as they have this year. God only knows why they expect to get higher in the table.

zootang2132d ago (Edited 2132d ago )

They can't even get into the Europa League and you expect them to be competitive HAhahahahahahahahahahaha!

Sahil2132d ago

"you expect them to be competitive "

who are you replying to.. LOL

zico2133d ago

It has been many ups and downs for us this year. Hopefully we can be able to fight for titles next year. And I think we will, but we need some new players of class.

crazyturkey2133d ago (Edited 2133d ago )

What Liverpool needs is just more consistency they can beat the best, but they also need to beat the weaker sides. Sometimes it looks like they put a lot of effort against the strong sides but don't bother with the smaller teams.

Fil1012132d ago

sounds like your implying that the villa are a small club maybe you should check out there history, granted liverpool are a bigger club but the villa are NOT small.

DiffusionE2133d ago

This is why Liverpool haven't won any major trophy for quite a while. When an opponent looks relatively easy, they play like a League 2 team. Suarez was furious at some of his teammates, and rightly so. The current mentality has to change, because no amount of money spent will ever make up for it.

If you look at team like ManU, game after game, they always play their hearts out in every match. Whether it's an important game or not, they hate to lose. That's why they've done No-19.

Then you look at some of the Liverpool players laughing and joking after losing to a weak Aston Villa team. You realize that the most important thing ManU has that LFC doesn't is the burning desire and determination to win each and every match. That special "winning mentality" that LFC used to have, but now lost.

freeduck2133d ago

Well said. Hope Kenny can really change the squad in the summer, not only the players but their mentality as well

NewMonday2133d ago

"Suarez was furious at some of his teammates"

i missed the game can you tell me who those players are?

Vherostar2132d ago

King Kenny got his contract and now has nothing to lose any more so he won't chance anything like he was before he got the contract.

Sahil2132d ago

"Then you look at some of the Liverpool players laughing and joking after losing to a weak Aston Villa team"

did this come in your dream?