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The Never-Ending Penalty Kick: Portland Timbers vs DC United (Video)

You know something’s probably gone wrong somewhere if you’re still stuck trying to take the same damn spot-kick four minutes later.

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zootang2754d ago

It was about 2 minutes and the referee made the right call both times the keeper stepped of his line.

no_more_heroes2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

Yeah, but it's hardly ever called nowadays. It hasn't been called in ANY European football match for years. At least, none that I've seen.

Corepred42753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

I agree. I see keepers jump off their line every single penalty!! this ref was being ridiculous. mls sucks anyway.
Okay now that I watched the video again he had jumped wayy off but that was because the shooter stutter stepped. it was the right call. Most keepers just jump forward one step and jump to a side.

KingPin2753d ago

damn, what was this goalie thinking. lol did he wanna meet halfway or something. they should give him lessons.

agreed that refs dont really call it out but i think they give the keeper a 1 step leniency. this keeper was just waaaaaaayyyyy off.