New FIFA 12 Viral Ad Released

Other than continuous references to ‘soccer’ this new viral is pretty good. Apparently playing FIFA helped Kaka get through his long injury, so much so that the Brazilian is going to ask team-mate Pepe to kick him out of the game for another six months, we jest.

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nieuwland142152d ago

looks sweet hope its good.

Sahil2152d ago

I feel like a football player :D

no_more_heroes2152d ago

We'll see, EA, we'll see.

I'll be the first to acknowledge that I'm nowhere near being the "b3$t FIFA p1@y3r 3v@@R", but in tight spaces, the responsiveness of the controls takes up residence in the Mariana trench. You have to have clairvoyance to know how the homing missile defenders will approach you so you can perform the appropriate (complicated) input 2 seconds before they unavoidably animation-glitch the ball away from you.

Because euphemisms exists and serve a very important purpose, I'll just say that this issue makes me very unhappy...

kulka2152d ago

Anybody wants to play Kulka at Fifa :P
always happy to play :D

Sahil2152d ago

which console do you have?

kulka2152d ago (Edited 2152d ago )

Xbox 360 fancy a game ? Do you have FIFA 10

kulka2152d ago

well u got away with it :D

HxCGamer2151d ago

danf425 on both 360 and ps3

but fifa11 on ps3
and will buy fifa12 for ps3 as well

not trying to sound cocky but i am pretty good

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DavidLuiz42152d ago

Any Body wants to get owned in Fifa 11? lol

kulka2152d ago

damn i only got fifa 10 on xbox if you have it then we can have a game :D

DavidLuiz42151d ago

nahh bro lol , Get a ps3 and fifa 11 :)
what level are you on in fifa 10 for online?

kulka2151d ago (Edited 2151d ago )

I think it's 33 or something like that I better wait for fifa 12 no point buying now lol. I haven't played in a while now

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