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Liverpool Transfer Rumours: Why Juan Mata Should Be the Reds' No. 1 Target

Now that Jordan Henderson has been unveiled as the newest Liverpool player, it is time to look ahead at the club's top summer priorities.

With Manchester United landing Phil Jones and on the brink of signing Ashley Young, manager Kenny Dalglish will have to look at other options to bolster the current squad.

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Sahil2507d ago

coz he's one of the top-quality wingers at the moment.. I really want him to come to liverpool.. we need some spanish creativity on the wings..

no_more_heroes2507d ago

He's the most talented journalist I've ever seen.

Sahil2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

Mata ??

kulka2507d ago

he is a very good player and we need wingers move to Liverpool makes sense

no_more_heroes2507d ago

Yep. Don't know if he still does, but last I heard he was still in college with a major in journalism. Could just as easily have gone and done that.

Sahil2506d ago

Woah.. that makes him a MULTI-TALENTED SIGNING!