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Arsenal Transfer Prospect: Can Wenger Succeed Without Fabregas,Nasri and Clichy?

Arsene Wenger vowed to implement changes into his youthful squad during the upcoming Summer after a dismal conclusion to 2010/11, in which Arsenal's campaign became obliterated and their trophy drought extended to a sixth successive season.

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no_more_heroes2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

Short answer: yes.

Long answer: none of them would be leaving cheap, so we'd get more than enough money to be able to appropriately replace them. The risk would be further reduced by the fact that we already have potential replacements for each:

Gibbs for Clichy
Wilshere for Fabregas
Ramsey for Nasri

then get Gervinho, Marvin Martin and Gary Cahill and we're golden; good players that we need without overspending.

zico2506d ago

no one can replays Fab and Nasri! Especial Nasri. He is a yong talented player, who will be very important for Arsenal next season. If they sell these 3players maybe they will get the same destiny as Liverpool got this season, and no CL 2012/13.

zeddy2506d ago

fabregas and nasri cant play together unless they dont play wilshere at all because song will have to play def midfield. if they get a decent bid for fabregas they should sell him and give nasri a big contract.

ProjectVulcan2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

His reluctance to buy players the past few years that fit into the side in their favoured positions seems like it is going to cost him extremely dearly, much more than if he had spent the money for the right players in the first place. If it didn't already cost Arsenal a premier league title this year.

Top players all wanting to leave at the same time. None of the replacements are quite ready yet in my opinion. Wilshere is already a fine player and will develop and get better but is he remotely as good as Fabregas right now? Lets be realistic, he isn't. At least another couple years before the trophy cabinet needs to be built i think...

Anderson82506d ago

i think youll be better off without clichy.. he's one of your main defensive weaknesses.. nasri will be going very cheap as he only has 1yr left on his contract so it'll only be like 10-15 mil.. if you spend your fabregas money on quality like sneijder or some ready made proven winning quality then you'll be fine...

...but you'll need cahill and samba to plug that shoddy defense of yours


R u serious..U call,Gibbs,Wilshere and ramsey a replacement..When will u learn u people need world class players not players who r still growing..Any way who im i to complain...It just makes it easier for us man u fans again..Fair enough u may beat us again sometime next season like this season but we still get d trophy while u still get none...Damn..U assneal fans r the joke of the EPL...How deluded in thinking gibbs,wilshere or ramsey r ideal to replace world class players....U will say any thing to make ur self feel happy!!!

no_more_heroes2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

And seeing people like you that always happen to follow Man Utd sometimes makes me forget that Man Utd isn't the only club that has or is followed by more a$$holes than a donkey in an iron maiden.

People like you give them a VERY unlikable image.

Speak intelligently please.

(no offense to zeddy and Anderson8)

DavidLuiz42506d ago

dude like really, stfu lmao nobody cares about what your annoying horse mouth is saying ... we just got done with zootang , and now you? hahahaha, oh god

zootang2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )


Thanks for keeping me in your thoughts. I've not gone anywhere!! Mwuahahaha! You boys can't handle the truth.


That says more about you as a person than someone just having a go. Do you always stereotype people like that?


We beat Arsenal 2 out 3 last season, they are nothing to worry about.

Anderson82505d ago

all three of those players are some of the best young players in the world so its not that big of a difference.. but they would need a world class player to replace fabregas

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ProjectVulcan2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

Hmm... Nasri would leave cheap as would Clichy. Both have only a year left on contracts. Nasri has been reported as available for a little as £8m. I believe many arsenal fans rate him £20m+

Clichy could go for as little as £5m. That has to be at least half of his true market value with a longer contract.

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jack_burt0n2505d ago

Just shows you how much fabregas, has used arsenal and wenger.

The only player brave enough to say something to wenger was nasri and he is bearing the brunt of it, sad sad times for arsenal FC.