World Transfers: Top 10 Transfer Deals of All Time

There is always a lot of talk concerning soccer players who fail to live up to expectations. Unfortunately, the players who exceed presumption don't always receive the credit that they warrant. Some of these players aren't extremely good, but the transfer fee placed on them make the deal a superb bargain.

Here's a list of players who were sold for too little and exceeded expectations.

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karim2356d ago

Rubbish list...Ozil ahead of the likes of Cantona & Shearer and no Frank Lampard at all

Anderson82355d ago

i don't see 22mil as a bargain for ozil either, certainly not in terms of an all time list

karim2355d ago

Who said he's a bargain ? I'm even surprised he was chosen ahead of Lamps who scored 120+ goals for Chelsea and he did cost 11M pound.

Anderson82354d ago

the article says he's a bargain..