David Villa to be 'sold to Chelsea' to fund Cesc Fabregas transfer

The Champions League winners are hoping to add Udinese winger Alexis Sanchez and Villarreal forward Giuseppe Rossi to their squad, as well as Fabregas, but only have a £40 million transfer budget.

Coach Pep Guardiola is apparently now considering sacrificing Spain striker Villa to add a further £40 million to the kitty.

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nieuwland142256d ago

villa would only be worth it if he didn't cost too much.

MaximusPrime2256d ago

love to see David Villa playing for Chelsea.

He was great during Champions League final

Sahil2255d ago

Best BS news of June!

zico2255d ago, the same as "the sun"? Writing only bullshit?

I think Chelsea will buy Falcao from Porto, and he is fantastic!

zeddy2255d ago

rubbish, he'll get get 20+ goals next season fabregas wont.

RedDevils2255d ago

well Fabregas create extra more with his assist, and maybe put in some odd goals as well

RedDragan2254d ago

Fabregas will be a bench warmer for Barcelona. Villa is a starter, this move makes no sense.

DavidLuiz42255d ago


KingPin2254d ago

torres + villa = goals so what u saying is
1 + villa = goals. love the maths :D

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