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Chelsea-bound Andre Villas-Boas quits as Porto coach

Portuguese club have received a fax on behalf of the coach announcing the termination of his contract due to the clause payment being met, paving the way for him to join the Blues.

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no_more_heroes2527d ago (Edited 2527d ago )

Well, as an Arsenal fan I can only hope he doesn't have TOO successful a start to his Chelsea career


Interesting to see such a young manager whose achieved so much already. Are young managers now gonna be the new trend?


There are Chelsea players that are older than him, but no doubt he can be a great manager aslong as Chelsea give him time.

Sahil2527d ago (Edited 2527d ago )

WOW.. this is a surpirse..

time is the most imp. thing specially for a young manager.. another good signing for chelsea this yr after luiz and torres :)

ohahCantona2527d ago

A lot of pressure is on him! Only 33years old. Not too much experience as manager. Easier to managing Porto than Chelsea.

zico2527d ago

he is young yes, but I think this is the best sign Chelsea could do. Managering Porto is not so small thing to do, Porto are big and big in Europe. I see Chelsea is a bigger club and only titles are good enough, but I think he will handled it. He has already done miracles with Porto this season. Amazing result! He also learned a lot from "the special one" him selves (Mourinho). so yes only 33years old, but exiting manager.

LovIbra2527d ago

Chelsea - Villas-Boas
Arsenal - Wenger
City - manchini
Liverpool - Dalglish
ManU - Fergeson

Amazing managers now in England! Can`t wait to august....

zico2527d ago

...First player he will buy; Falcao.

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