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Dani Alves: Messi struggles for Argentina because he doesn't have Barca team-mates behind him

Barcelona and Brazil defender Dani Alves believes Lionel Messi struggles to replicate his club form for Argentina because he does not have the support of the Camp Nou players.

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Yeah I think we figured that out a long time ago.

zootang2547d ago

I got into a few arguments about this in some other articles. I seem to have been proven correct.

Corepred42547d ago

LMAO!!! I think everybody has always known that Messi wouldn't be near as good as he is without his Barca.

kulka2547d ago

That's why I think Xavi is world's best player he could make Heskey look like the best player in the world :)

crazyturkey2547d ago

To be fair many if not most of the Barca players under-perform when they don't have their Barca team mates.

Anderson82547d ago

i duno about that.. half of the dominate the international scene