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Highlights: Brazil 0-0 Venezuela (Copa America Group B - 03/07/11)

No goals in this match, but still a lot of highlights...

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freeduck2575d ago

Surprising result Brazil should've bagged a few

krazykombatant2575d ago

Venezuela played well, thing is most smaller countries have improved. when teams played against venezuela it used to be 3 points in the bag plus plenty of goals. We've improved drastically and we had a great second half.

Of course big teams like argentina and brazil, due to the prestige they have they're never at fault and they always play poorly when other teams managed to get this result out of them.

Great game today and yeah its been slow start but this will only ramp things up for the next matches.

Sahil2575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

I saw the whole match, lucas was amazing in the midfield. Robinho and Neymar were the shittiest players.

HxCGamer2575d ago

i disagree, i thought pato was

pato did not pass the ball once
even strikers should pass the ball when other playes have better chances at scoring

FootballZilla2575d ago

Ganso worse playeron the pitch follwed by Neymar and Dani Alves...

I thought Ramires And Lucas were really good

kulka2574d ago

Lucas will become one of the key players for Liverpool soon one of the best in the world I remember everyone wanted him out he has certainly proved the doubters wrong in recent months