Highlights: Chile 2-1 Mexico (Copa America Group C - 05/07/2011)

0-1 Araujo 41'
1-1 Paredes 67'
2-1 Vidal 73'

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kulka2234d ago

Chile do look like the best side in the tournament i think they can challange Brazil and Argentina

zootang2234d ago

A lot of players were missing from the Mexico squad like Chicharito.

Sahil2234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )


Chile were by far the best team, especially in the second half.

zootang2234d ago


You understand that a reserve team is not at the same quality as the normal team?

kulka2234d ago

well yaeh Mexico did play with their reserves but Chile has been playing very well in recent years

Corepred42233d ago

I don't think that would have mattered if Mexico had their actual team. The team from the Gold Cup. They have really impressed me with the way they have been playing and I think if it were that team, Mexico would have been the favorites in this tournament. Maybe co-favorites with Brazil.

Alexvizzio2234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

The Mexican team lost almost a third of their initially drafted players in a hookers scandal and, replaced them five days before the tournament plus, it´s not even the second national team at all, probably the third team. Still, I think they did well, Chile has great forward players totally but, their air game was the only thing working, they were not doing well on the ground playing during the constant attacks.
I´m sure the top Mexican team would have shredded the Chileans.