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Brit Kai Fifield, 7, secures a trial at Barcelona‬‏

Kudos to The Sun for their report on the excellent story surrounding Kai Fifield and his surprise trial with Barcelona.

Just seven-years-old, Kai was on holiday with his family in Barcelona and joined in on a kickabout near the Nou Camp.

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no_more_heroes2446d ago

I hope he makes it. Could you imagine both an American AND English graduate from La Masia?


Sahil2445d ago

TBH, after watching that kid.. I put my football gear on, went for the practice just to improve my game. I got excited :P

zootang2445d ago

Are you also 7? Ahh that would explain it.

zootang2445d ago

Ahh, confirmation, thanks.

Sahil2445d ago

Hey, your welcome.. if you ever forget just let me know.. I'll always be there to remind you who you really are :)

zootang2444d ago

Yeah definitely 7. Doesn't understand me and watches cartoons.

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Anderson82445d ago

great story.. i hope he goes all they way to the top...

....and then signs for united