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Manchester United's £20m offer for Samir Nasri is rejected by Arsenal

Arsenal have turned down Manchester United's opening offer for Samir Nasri and told the champions they will not sell the Frenchman unless they receive a bid of at least £25m. United must now decide whether they are willing to meet the asking price and put together an improved financial package after it emerged on Wednesday they had placed an offer of just under £20m two weeks ago.

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guigsy2513d ago

Nasri is supposed to be meeting Wenger today to tell him he wants to go to United, so we probably won't have to improve that bid by much.

b163o12512d ago

United? It's pronounced City

zootang2512d ago

He wants to win trophies not leave in a years time.

FlashXIII2512d ago

Not if he wants to be winning things it's not pronounced city.

b163o12512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )


So y'all think Wengers is going to sale him to United, if he's sale him he's gonna want top dollar for him, and that $20mil isn't gonna make it. City's in the perfect position to get him, and I pretty sure someone will say "Oh City's snatching up all United prospects". I guess it'll take another season or two for the non believers to see last season was no fluke. Nasri wants trophies, come to City. The Moon is Rising


ProjectVulcan2512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

No way on earth is Nasri worth more than £20m with only a year left on his contract. Thats nonsense. I baulked at the £20m for a guy with a year left. In six months if he still hasn't signed Arsenal will be forced to sell in january to pretty much anyone that comes in, and they would have to take less than half that.

If he really wants to go to Man Utd then he should wait another 6 months and then walk for as little as 5m.

The idea that United could get Sneijder for £35m, only 10m more than what Arsenal demand for Nasri should put them right off. Nasri is a good player, but Sneijder is a great player a class above the frenchman.

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Shadow Flare2512d ago

Nasri is supposed to be telling Wenger he wants to go to united? Where did you read that rubbish?

guigsy2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

Sky Sports News, and unless you've been living under a rock his intentions have been obvious for quite some time.

Shadow Flare2510d ago

Rumours and speculation. For the past 3 years I've read "confirmed" reports of Fabregas "officially" moving to Barcelona. And he still hasn't. Don't believe everything you read. It's a little sad

kulka2513d ago

They already signed Gervinho as a replacment

Anderson82512d ago

he'll lesson the blow but theyre not the same kind of player .. they would need a few more midfielders to cope with the loss of these two

FootballZilla2513d ago

I want Arsenal to keep him and fabregas soooo baddd...

And i dont even support them... just like to watch them play for ARSENAL.

FlashXIII2512d ago

Even as a utd fan I somewhat agree with you on this. I loved watching Arsenal last season, without Nasri and Fabregas they'll be half the team they used to be.

zootang2513d ago

This season we are going to on fire!

In Sir Alex I Trust, United We Stand!

zeddy2512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

im sure utd or whoever else will wait until the last moment and if arsenal are sure he wont sign the price will drop atleast 5-10mil. they wouldnt want him distrupting the club and getting booed at by the fans so they'd probably want to get rid of him. but a lot of things might happen before then.

FlashXIII2512d ago

Like signing Sneijder.. one can only hope.