Chelsea target Radamel Falcao wants to remain at Porto

Porto striker Radamel Falcao has committed himself to the Portuguese champions amidst reported interest from Chelsea for the player.

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FootballZilla2121d ago

Yes Falcao thats more like it...
Need to get a contract renewal to upgrde your release clause to 45million... that will suit you better...

zootang2120d ago

It's probably because he got linked to Chelsea. He wants to move to England but Man Utd only and unfortunately we have no room. So he would probably rather stay at Porto.

kane_lfc2120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

If he moved to Chelsea it would be a bad option! He should stay at Porto for another season atleast...I mean he could be another Shevkenko flop and ruin his career!

RedDevils2120d ago

Porto is actually a way bigger club than Chelsea lol

kane_lfc2119d ago

@RedDevils I was going to say that but I couldnt be ars*ed starting a argument witht the Chelski fans! :P