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Highlights: Brazil 2-2 Paraguay (Copa America Group B - 09/07/2011)

1-0 Jadson 38'
1-1 R. Santa Cruz 58'
1-2 N. Váldez 66'
2-2 Fred 89'

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no_more_heroes2420d ago

Who would've thought that the 3 biggest teams in the tournament would be the 3 worst so far?

kulka2419d ago

Lucio and Thaigo silva just can't play together gave away 2 easy goals

Nes_Daze2419d ago

Well to be fair they aren't in last place either, I hear a lot of people criticizing but not one of those big teams have lost yet. However, I do agree with the majority that they haven't been playing up to their own standards. Hopefully Argentina will wake up against Costa Rica.

zeddy2419d ago

dont know what the all the fuss about neymar has been, he's been average so far. defo not worth 40mil+.

wantedboys2419d ago

if your saying that neymar not worth the 40mil what about messi!!!

ninjagoat2419d ago

Not even a comparsion m8. Messi is in a class of his own to say world class would be a put down for atm in the world there isn't a player like him. Yeah he dosen't always shine on the world stage for his country but at least he is always a threat, less can be said about Neymar . Hes not worth 40 Million hes coming out of Brazil untested in eurpeon football. many have failed before him.

ATiElite2419d ago

Well i was cheering hard for The Brazilian Womens Team but they just got too relaxed against U.S.A in Overtime after Marta's second WONDERFUL goal.

They should of been told Americans never quit so keep up the pressure. This match was a classic.

dragon822418d ago

That match was a classic but Brazil didn't deserve to win in the first place. That was some of the worst officiating I have ever seen. The fact that the tying goal came during the extra time given because of Brazil's blatent "fake injury" to waste time was just pure justice.