Fergie sees MLS growth

Football is very much a game on the up in the States - in stark contrast to the state of the game when United embarked on their first commercial tour of the country eight years ago.

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MaximusPrime2326d ago

I'm in Canada and have been watching some MLS highlights. There are some improvements, probably thanks to Beckham, Henry and Donovon Langdon (i think that's his name)'s experiences.

MLS' football and Europe's top premier leagues are not on par. MLS got a lot of catching up to do.

rafay2326d ago

Haven't seen much of it, but it can compete with the Greek and Turkish leagues, no?

Theo11302326d ago

Yeah except it can't compete with the Mexican or Argentine league. it's a fact. You can see a team like Chivas or Racing Club reach the finals of a Libertadores or Sudamericana final, but a La Galaxy or Crew is almost unfathomable

Infernostew2323d ago

The only time MLS or USL teams play clubs from mexico or the Latin Americas is during the CONFACAF champion's league. As far as I know they aren't invited to libertadores or subamerica.