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Wenger blasts 'disrespectful' Xavi

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has blasted Xavi's comments about Cesc Fabregas, claiming the midfielder has been "very disrespectful" to the club.

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no_more_heroes2566d ago

Not just Xavi, Wenger, EVERYONE in Barca's starting 11.


lol surely Arsenal can sue Barcelona for harrasment.

Mr Patriot2565d ago

homosexuals cannot be harrased

crazyturkey2566d ago

LoL if they really want Cesc to go to Barca all of the players that want him to go to Barca should get together and put some of their money to improve Barca's offer.

DrillaKid2565d ago

I hate the way both Barca and Real operate when it comes to transfers; they make life for the target club miserable to the point when they just have to sell.

That said I prefer Real simply because they can put the money up when they have to; Barca just act like beggars who have no money and try to talk down the value of the player.

kulka2565d ago

And Fabregas insn't even needed lol Barca should just focus on their young players stay out of transfers

rafay2565d ago

Just give him to them!

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