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Highlights: Chile 1-2 Venezuela (Copa America Quarter-Finals - 17/07/2011)

0-1 Vizcarrondo 35'
1-1 Suazo 70'
1-2 Cichero 81'

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sdtarm1968d ago

so another big big favorite is eliminated, by venezuela? wow

kulka1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

so will Peru beat Urugway and set up a final against Venezuela ?

sdtarm1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

its Uruguay and yeah its amazing what has happened in this copa america, the big teams are going through difficult moments,

HOSe1968d ago

this is uruguays cup. i expect suarez to be a decisive factor in the semis.

krazykombatant1968d ago

Venezuela can beat anyone in this tournament, but yeah I wouldn't get ahead of yourself. On paper sure Uruguay is the best team left.

krazykombatant1968d ago

HAHAHAHAHAA SOOOO PROUD OF OUR TEAM!! Doubt set in for sure when the balls started to hit the cross bars. But we held in there!! Now against paraguay!!!

no_more_heroes1968d ago

Whoever put money on Uruguay, Paraguay, Peru and Venezuela being the semi-finalists in this Copa America must have some pretty overweight wallets right about now.

Sahil1968d ago

i didn't think any of these 4 teams that have qualified will actually qualify.. all the 4 matches have produced unbelievable results. COL topped group A, ARG, BRAZ, CHILE.. obvious favs.

jak3y13oy1968d ago

personally I think Venezuela have a chance to win this now...

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