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Malaga's Manuel Pellegrini: Barcelona are still better than Real Madrid

Malaga coach Manuel Pellegrini believes that Barcelona remain the number one side in Spain despite his former club Real Madrid's transfer dealings this summer.

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kulka2462d ago (Edited 2462d ago )

Barca are still stronger chemistry is the key to their success Real struggles to have the chemistry. They need to keep the same squad Barca starting eleven is basicly the same for last few years only few changes while Real are changing the whole squad every few years

oli2460d ago

Barca is Spain (few from Real)
we shouldnt be surprised that they're better at the moment

Sahil2460d ago

We know that.. tell us soemthing we don't already know.

krazykombatant2460d ago

We will see come this season.

Corepred42460d ago

Sounds like this dude is bitter that he sides with Malaga, lol. Well of course they are better they are the defending champions. But we will see if they are better when the season actually starts.

Sahil2456d ago

i think malaga will finish top4 this season.