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Gill - United want one more

Red Devils target another 'world-class' signing

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Gill... you've made my day.

guigsy1956d ago

'world-class' ie. Sneijder, Nasri or Modric.

Infernostew1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

Spurs want way too much for Modric but I think splashing for Nasri or Sneijder would be well worth the 25m and 35m respectively.

@below: I agree with everything you said. Now lets hope we wrap up our last deal soon. I'd hate for us to wait for the last day of the transfer window like we always do.

zeddy1956d ago

i prefer nasri, cheaper, much younger and adapted to epl but i doubt arsenal will sell him to a rival, inter milan are more likely to sell sneijder though.

kane_lfc1955d ago

It wont be Sneijder his wage is to expensive...something like 200k and hes to expensive himself

RedDevils1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

With his name alone already make enough profits for us in 3 years time so no worries

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meehanprime1955d ago

Glad to hear Gill say this, my mate who is a Utd fan was distraught when Fergie came out and said that there was going to be no more transfers for them. Scholes' replacement is the only thing that is needed for Utd in my opinion, not sure who. Even as a life long Liverpool fan I respect Scholes as a footballer and it'll be a sad day when he finally retires.