It's Mata of fact for Harry! Spurs lead race to sign £22m-rated Valencia midfielder

Spurs are leading the chase to sign £22m midfielder Juan Mata from Valencia.

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Sahil2002d ago

Spurs lead mata race.. arsenal land mata.. man-city hijacks mata bid..

This summer window is the mother of all!!!

Mozilla892001d ago

Whats the Mata Sahil, don't you like it?!

Sahil2001d ago (Edited 2001d ago )

good one :)

no seriously.. journalism has gone nuts, tomorrow's newspaper: "pastore signed for PSG, chelsea goes for mata".. are there any clubs left??

RedDevils2001d ago

It's Mata of time before all of these Saga is over

Sahil2001d ago

We need to have a contest around here for this..

my entry: Well.. all this doesn't mata to me anymore, am sick of it!

kulka2002d ago

Well I think Mata will leave but it might be anywhere Valencia said they have not recieved a bid yet I think 20 milion should land him

kane_lfc2001d ago

Funny because Rednapp said he had to sell to spend not so long ago and I doubt he would go to Spurs of all teams

momthemeatloaf2001d ago

Save your money Spurs. Shock the world and put in a 50 million bid for Neymar.

Sahil2001d ago (Edited 2001d ago )

these walls have ears too.. keep it down

Fagerborgbk2001d ago

I hope Mata stays! Valencia need him one season more.