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Highlights: Barcelona 1-4 Chivas Guadalajara (Herbalife World Football Challenge - 03/08/2011)

1-0 D. Villa 4'
1-1 M. Fabian 60'
1-2 M. Fabian 63'
1-3 G. Casillas 72'
1-4 U. Davila 90' +3'

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Flashwave_UK2514d ago

GOOOD they diserve this fkn shit realmadrid take the title next season.

sokrates2514d ago

I wouldnt be to shure about that, but I think its gonna be a close race. For shure is that its gonna be Real or Barca winning the League.

Snakefist302513d ago

Ya and real have to win if they didnt jose gonna lose his job!

zootang2514d ago

The standard of Mexican football is a lot higher than most people think. Chivas also beat us (Man Utd) in pre season last year. They have some quality players and I wouldn't be surprised if we started to see more of their players come to Europe.

RGB2514d ago

Madrid beat them 3-0! ;)

oli2512d ago

oh wow, this about barcelona and chivas, not real madrid. people need to stop bringing up real when barcelona is mentioned

RedDevils2514d ago

Marcos Fabian is Amazing young player, I hope SAF sign instead of Sneijder

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The story is too old to be commented.