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World Football Special: The 14 Most Embarrassing Dives Ever

While some of these may not have been as embarrassing at first, in the time since they have become much more laughable as in most cases the replay footage does not lie.

The truth comes out when you get put into slow motion, and with so many to choose from it is hard to even stop at 14. However, at some point you have to just let it ride.

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FootballZilla1906d ago

There is worst then some of these, most of these are just class players that dived before

kulka1906d ago

Diving is a disease must be stopped fine the divers 5 games bans

sokrates1906d ago

Agreed. It looks jsut stupid. They should learn fro Icehockey, its no filming at all. Its a sport for men, and football should get the same fair image.

KingsCross1906d ago

Icehockey? wich planet are you from. No way you can compare a game for ice bears with football. All in all I think Premier league is pretty fair league.

FootballZilla1906d ago

Sokrates never compare the best sport in the world to Ice Hockey NEVER. :)

Kos-Mos1905d ago

You`re a disease on

sokrates1906d ago

:) Well guys, I am getting a lesson here I can see.

STILL: Footballers filming and diving should learn from Icehockey.
Why cant football learn from other sports?

KingsCross1906d ago

Icebears! not a sport.

Stop being silly!

FootballZilla1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

@kngscross hahaha agreed :)

crazyturkey1902d ago

number 12 is awesomely hilarious.

Sahil1902d ago

No.11 was hilarious...