Oxlade-Chamberlain seals move to Arsenal

Arsenal Football Club is delighted to announce that Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has joined the Gunners on a long-term contract for an undisclosed fee.

Oxlade-Chamberlain, 17, joins Arsenal from Championship side Southampton, where he made 44 first-team appearances during his long association with the south coast club.

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no_more_heroes1991d ago

WELL, guess the rumors were true. Wonderful!

Now go get Per Mertesacker and we're golden.

Sahil1991d ago

12 mill for a 17-year old??

kane_lfc1991d ago

£15mil* Arsenal buy an unproven 18 year old winger for £15M yet LFC got criticised for buying proven Premier League performer in Henderson at £16M...typical >_>

Anderson81991d ago

didnt henderson cost 20mil?

kulka1990d ago

16 milion for Henderson but since he's english it's normal

zeddy1990d ago

the difference is henderson not even worth 5 mil and you know it! this chamberlain guy might be rubbish too but we'll find out soon if he's worth it.

Yi-Long1990d ago

... first of all, Arsenal already have quality players to play on thr wing, ESPECIALLY if Miyaichi gets his workpermit...

.. Arsenal needs to heavily invest in the dfeensive players and a proper goalkeeper. That's it. Not throw away 15 million bucks on a player they don't even really need.

The cash some clubs pay for english players, just because they're english, is just ridiculous.

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rafay1991d ago

I YouTubed the guy, looks great!

kane_lfc1990d ago

Utube can make Heskey look like the best player ever...

no_more_heroes1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

I certainly don't agree with the fee, but I'm not surprised. Half of it is purely the RETT (Rare English Talent Tax), currently at a 50% variable rate, depending on age (you all know what I'm talking about).

This is why Wenger never usually buys English players (he's been busy trying to produce them, though). He clearly felt that it was worth it this time, so all I can do is wish the kid well.

If it doesn't work out, then fair enough.

We've all taken our gambles on English talent this summer, let's see what happens.

Anderson81991d ago

i dont think this guy is much of a gamble to be honest he's quality and has already shown he can play against top opposition...

he should buy english more often and stop messing around with the french league for below average players.. (koschielny £10mil)

Sahil1991d ago

Yeah.. this year has been a record-breaking year for big english signings.

zeddy1991d ago

another teenager? when will wenger learn aye? no doubt he'll be a good player eventually but unless he's the new pele i doubt he'll help arsenal to a first trophy in 7 years.

crazyturkey1991d ago

Need at least ONE good CB ahead of Squillaci. Give Barca an ultimatum for Cesc until the home match against Udinese. Otherwise Cesc will be cup tied for the rest of the season.

Anderson81991d ago

suprised he hasnt made a move for cahill and samba

crazyturkey1991d ago

Is simple, they don't meet the 2 criteria points that Wenger requires. Number one they have to be French and number Two they can't be good at defending.

kulka1990d ago

Wenger will sign a defender sooner or later he is not an idiot he knows more a lot about football he turned Arsenal into challangers he brought great players into the league Samba is ideal for Arsenal his physical presence wouldbe gugely important plus goal's from set pieces as on option

no_more_heroes1990d ago

He might go after Per Mertesacker, who is a top class defender himself. The one thing Samba has over him though is actual Premier League experience. No adapting necessary.

crazyturkey1990d ago

Well either one of them is an improvement over what Arsenal have in the bench for the defense.