Watch 7-Year-Old Real Madrid Signee in Action

Real Madrid signed seven-year-old Leonel Coira to a youth development contract.
Are we really to believe that this little guy is already showing signs of developing into the next Lionel Messi? Maybe that's too far of a stretch, but the kid has some skills. Even in this brief clip, it's evident he's no typical second-grader.

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Flashwave_UK2176d ago

wow wats this world comming to soon they will be signing babies.

Snakefist302175d ago

Barca signed an American 10 year old as well. This is a common practice in La Liga, not insane at all.

theEx1Le2175d ago

Yep, they sign them younger to nurture the talent, thus creating exceptional footballers.

FlashXIII2175d ago


yeah and then for English clubs to poach them for next to nothing then resell them on when they're older for 40m!

Snakefist302175d ago (Edited 2175d ago )


Wenger does that alot lol!

Anderson82175d ago

they dont sing the contract wise they just accept them into their academy.. you have to be a certain age before you can be tied down by a contract in europe i think its like 16-17

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zero_cool2175d ago

Another star in the making is born let's see how far he gets in his career!