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El Clásico: Why Real Madrid Will Beat Barcelona in the Spanish Supercopa

Real Madrid's domestic campaign starts this Sunday against rivals Barcelona in the much-anticipated Spanish Supercopa.

Madrid will face off against the reigning Spanish and European champions over two legs. The Copa del Rey winners will host Sunday's match at the Santiago Bernabéu, and then travel Barcelona on Wednesday, August 17th.

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Ares902293d ago

mainly because Barcelona won't give a crap about this cup

Corepred42292d ago

Doesn't matter, game is a game.

Ares902291d ago

Agree, it will be great but barca in any tournament (unless it's CL or La Liga) tends to play it with subs...

HxCGamer2292d ago

im sorry to be forward but

are you retarded?!

yes supercup is not the biggest cup out there
but it is still a cup for your club!! and every team wants to collect more cups, that is just what you do when you are on a team... you are not like "hey.. why try for this cup when it doesnt matter as much" you just go for it!

Flashwave_UK2292d ago

@hxcgamer leave him hes to busy sucking into the messi hype.

Maradona2292d ago

come on boys. Mind your language.
But agree that a title is a title, and when Real and Barca play against eachother no one puts on the brake.

oli2292d ago

and besides, even if it didnt matter, you think Barcelona will just let Real beat them just like that? no, they're the biggest club rivals in the world

Sahil2292d ago

will be a good one, it's raining clasicos in 2011 :)

HxCGamer2292d ago

even if madrid might not come out victorious lately

clasicos are really so entertaining to watch

I mean, i get mad like everytime, but still so fun to watch.

Sahil2292d ago

Yeah, know the feeling ^^

Anderson82292d ago

the last two or 3 havent been very entertaining.. i hope they stop with the theatrics and get back to playing football again..

krazykombatant2292d ago

Because were Los Galacticos.. But no jokes aside, I hope i get to see these game driving down to london all day sunday. Should be a good one.

kane_lfc2292d ago (Edited 2292d ago )

Lets just wait and see who wins...

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