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English Premier League Football: Who Should Be in Your Fantasy Team? With a new English Premier League season starting in a few days comes another way to root for your favorite players—by having them help your fantasy team.

In this slideshow, we'll look at which online game is the best fit for you, as well as some players who deserve your attention.

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Yi-Long2386d ago

... only 5.5, and one of the biggest talents on the european fields, so hopefully he'll break into the 1st squad in no time...

Also considering that Korean forward Dong Won-Ji from Sunderland, who's cheap but likely to be a starting regular, as my 3rd forward, next to Suarez and a yet to be determined striker...

Maradona2386d ago

hmm, good tips. Maybe Miyaichi is the man. Where does he play?

Yi-Long2386d ago

... midfielder. We've seen him play here in the Eredivisie the last months of the competition, and he was absolutely fantastic.

Now, he's only 18, so not sure how much Wenger is going to play him, but personally I would already pick him over Arshavin any day of the week.

Speaking of Arsenal, Ramsey and (the now injured) Wilshere are also inexpensive and have had a very promising pre-season.

This is my team at the moment, but I'm sure there will still be some changes before saturday...

Sahil2386d ago (Edited 2386d ago )

I don't have a single arsenal player in my team.. :)

has anyone bought Nigel Dejong :P

Yi-Long2386d ago

... he'll just get a yellow card each match. ;)

Also pretty much never scores.

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sokrates2386d ago

Rooney is expensive, but a point picker. Delivers all the time. J. A Riise is cheap, and could be a good outsider, as he is a defender scoring goals and giving assists.

KingsCross2386d ago

Riise used to be really good in Liverpool. Didnt understand why they sold him? I have him i my team as well, but it could be risky. He hasnt played in England for 3 years.

Sahil2386d ago

Yeah, Riise is a good option.

Mozilla892386d ago

I think my front line is Suarez and Gervinho.

FootballZilla2386d ago


Sahil2386d ago

Dzeko.. that's risky :)

prime_ninja2386d ago

Fabregas for mid all the way! :D

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