Eccleston: Why Prem MUST play this weekend

QPR owner Bernie ­Ecclestone says it would be “a terrible message” if Premier League chiefs called off this weekend’s matches because of the riots.

The first 10 fixtures of the campaign are under threat after the violence that swept through the country and forced the postponement of England’s friendly with Holland.

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FootballZilla2083d ago


Sahil2083d ago

Yeah, I agree they shudn't call these games off, it would send a bad message to people.

FootballZilla2083d ago

the olympic games are next year aswell

sokrates2083d ago

Agreed. You can let idiots win!

KingsCross2083d ago

Security first. Would be a disaster if those assholes are going to make the stadiums unsecure!

But, its a tragedy if its happens!

Sahil2083d ago

Only Spurs-Everton game postponed.. Yayyyyy!

Messishow2082d ago

Its safe to have a match now. Dont let them win this. Its a good thing that footballers can stay together against those things.