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AC Milan's real objective is Manchester City's Mario Balotelli - Fifa agent Giorgio De Giorgis

The Italy international is unhappy with life in England, and the Fifa agent says the Serie A holders are keen on offering him a way out of his situation

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Sahil2447d ago

tell me you are joking

Yi-Long2447d ago

... yeah, I don't see how that could possibly go wrong...(!) >:D

Anderson82446d ago

any team that signs balotelli deserves all the negative press that comes with him...for sur those two wouldnt get on.. the both think they are the worlds best

kane_lfc2446d ago

I really cant see AC Milan going for him because they have Cassano, Robinhio, Ibra and Pato for upfront...surely they wouldn't purchase that idiot that even Mourinhio one of the best managers ever couldn't handle!

Mozilla892446d ago

Maybe they'll release Pato?