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Top 20 Most Hated Men In The Premier League

From Old Trafford to Stadium of Light, we look at the men involved in the Premier League who get fans blood boiling the most.

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Sahil2474d ago

Adebayor 8th.. he shud be in the top3.. for fcuk sake!

Yi-Long2474d ago

... even the own fans are getting very disatisfied with the lack of trophies, and his mediocre tactical quality, while pretty much everyone hates his post-match moaning and whining...

Also, if this would have been a dutch list, Luiz Suarez would have been on this list due to some strange antics ;)
I think he's a brilliant player and a nice guy, but he has crossed a few lines here and there. I guess he's been behaving very well since he's been in England ;)

MaximusPrime2473d ago

Joey Barton deserved number 1 position.