Moratti: Sneijder is going nowhere

Inter Milan president Massimo Moratti says that the 'untouchable' Wesley Sneijder won't be leaving the club this summer as he prepares for the exit of Samuel Eto'o.

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guigsy2048d ago

They were saying he may leave the other week. I don't believe this transfer is dead until the transfer window shuts.


Worst transfer saga ever. After all that hype and all those articles about talks being held, it turns out nobody has been talking to nobody. What a load of shit, got my hopes up for nothing.
I dont know where the media got their sources from but they can officially go f**k themselves, especially you Daily Mirror.

RedDevils2047d ago

lol I wasn't even hoping or excited about him coming at all, these rumors was all start by Inter President, every time the rumors died down he will be the one that would bring up

Sahil2048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

Media is a bItch ;)

ninjagoat2046d ago

Heard a few people say a few players where going no where already lol :)