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Real Madrid's Jose Mourinho prefers to focus on team growth after defeat at Barcelona

Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho played down the importance of losing the Supercopa to Barcelona and preferred to signal his side's growth.

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Hasreza2501d ago

so Moronho didnt know Villanuva when he poked his eye.So he has a habit of poking eyes of people he doesnt know,wow,you must be more twisted than people thought.And now it is the ballboys that caused you to lose.I agree with Xavi that this individual is damaging the league and football in general.It is also very strange reading the comments of RM fans,are they watching the same games?Is theire bias blinding their eyes?cant they see what this man is doing to the club whose name used to be synonimous with everything good in football?
Guess what,not anymore.Kick boxing yes,football no.I for one long for the decent RM of old.Get rid of this clown RM.

sokrates2501d ago

As you can read in other commenst: they dont care about fair play - just the winning.

To bad they just cant win :)