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Power Ranking the 20 EPL Stadiums

Every English Premier League fan knows that the stadium of a team plays a big role in the team's success. A bigger, louder stadium can fill the team's players with great confidence, while at the same time intimidating the opposition.

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mastiffchild2501d ago

IDFK-attendance cannot be the main thing and goes directly against(as a means of seeking the best grounds/atmosphere/threatening places to play)what makes a place hard to go to for away teams and fans-sometimes it's the smaller, more intimate, raucous grounds without the "prawn sandwich brigade" corporate seats and tourists that are the hardest places to go and the best "fortresses" in the EPL and beyond.

I'm in a really good position to be able to judge which UK grounds are most intimidating and loud as I've reported on games from most league grounds in England and Wales and a lot in Scotland and it hasn't ALWAYS been the bigger the better in this respect even if, largely, in terms of facilities that would usually be pretty true these days.

For example if you put 40,000 fans in Goodison for the average home game and put the same number in Anfield you'd find, I believe from personal experience(and I don't like either club better than the other)that Anfield will produce more noise than Everton#'s home-Everton's fans historically, dunno why, sing less than L'pool fans unless it's a derby or Utd are visiting. Naturally that ups the volume for any team but if you put them for comparison on a mid season, mid table opposition Anfield would come out better irrespective of geography or crowd size. Pompey was always louder than Soton, Millwall louder than Palace and so on.

Though Chelsea NOW have a ground closer to the pitch and more on top of play people would, rightly, argue that we, also, lost a lot of atmosphere even though, architecturally speaking, it should be better now. Again, it depends what competition and what opposition as to which crowd you'll get at the Bridge and, for atmosphere anywhere, I'd say the infamous Ovrebo and Barca visit to Chelsea was one of the greatest CL atmospheres I've experienced anywhere yet the new Bridge has often, like the Emirates, been called the cause of the teams(Arsenal and Chels) getting less lous home support these days.

Whatever, I wouldn't trust any list based on crowd SIZE to govern ANYTHING but capacity and average attendance-15,000 in Fratton Park could often, nearly always, sound louder than 70,000 in OT for instance and using this as criteria just makes this list very vague and doesn't take into account those grounds where the fans are notoriously demanding of their own side. At Spurs I've often seen the fans demands for attacking football and winning football turn against their own players when they fail to deliver especially against opposition they'd(the fans) expect their side to turn over with some ease-what price, then, the crowd being right on top of the pitch?

A complex issue that changes with every match should NEVER have been broken down by such a stiff yet also arbitrary system. It might be the same ground and the same NUMBER of people in the ground when Chelsea p[lay Tottenham as when they play, say, Norwich, but will the noise be the same? A full OT watching Utd v L'pool cannot be compared to the same full OT when Fulham are visiting. You'd be best asking players and fans(and a large section of both) where they found it hardest to visit and, for the players, which ground they liked as their home the best for similar reasons.

This is silly journalism that, usually, we get to suffer when seeing video game news, sadly.

FootballZilla2500d ago

Dammmm that was a big piece of text :o WOW

kane_lfc2501d ago

LOL the Emirates is usually silent, you cant hear anyone unless there calling Nasri a c*nt or complaining about there club.

Sahil2501d ago

"Attendance will be used as the ONLY primary ranking tool"

That says it all.. anyone cud've made up that stupid list.


Go on then, give me your list.

Sahil2501d ago

Sorry, don't have time.

Mozilla892501d ago

While I'm not going to come up with a list I think a real list would include things such as atmosphere.

For example I would list the Brittania Stadium much higher. Simply because it has incredible atmosphere and has become a fortress for Stoke. They only lost there twice last season after all.

Anyone can look up a list of stadiums and sort them by attendance...