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FootballZilla1935d ago

Man City look great... Silva is an amazing player shame he cant get in the Spain tema :/

b163o11935d ago

Silva is by far our best player IMO, and he seems to have a eye for goals this year..........

zico1935d ago

agree, good to have him on my fantasy league team;-)

Sahil1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

Aguero stop fcuking my FPL, Silva was the best player as always.

sokrates1935d ago

My FPL is really not working out... All injuried!

sokrates1935d ago

Good performance by City by the way. I am pretty sure they wont stay up all season long:)

zico1935d ago

I think they will, fighting for the title. Great squad, and manchini is a good manager.

Its gonna be Liverpool or City this year;-)

Mozilla891935d ago

Lets give them some time. I remember last year Chelsea were going to win the PL by winter after the first six or so games.

Let City get involved in the CL along with the cup competitions and see what happens. They'll probably be there or there abouts but I think they're a season away from winning it.

zeddy1934d ago

silva was great! everytime he touched the ball he was amazing.

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