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Valencia reach agreement with Chelsea for Juan Mata

The two clubs have reached an accord for the Spain international to move the Premier League side, and a transfer appears to be only a matter of time.

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nieuwland142254d ago

Yes! I cant wait to see him in a chelsea shirt!!

MaximusPrime2254d ago


My brother, who is an Arsenal, had been showing me videos of Mata a month ago, after it appears Arsenal wanted to sign him.

I was impressed with Mata's style. Glad he will be coming to Chelsea. This will support Torres alot.

freeduck2254d ago (Edited 2254d ago )

Might be a tad bit overrated but only time will tell.
All I can say that he was very VERY quiet when Valencia played Liverpool a few weeks ago.

rafay2254d ago

People said that about David Silva too. Lets give him a chance...

mastiffchild2254d ago

You have to remember, as well, that Spanish sides were starting back even later than EPL teams so I wouldn't read much into a preseason Mata against anyone.

I think I'd have rather Chelsea went for Eden Hazard myself but I guess the greater high level experience of Mata has swung that for Chelsea-and is De Bruyne being signed for NEXT season now? Whatever, Mata's a little bit on and off for my liking and I'm not sure about him playing inside at all-best out wide so far for my mind. Not that i think he CAN'T play at Number ten but at the minute I think, at Chelsea's level, it might be a big ask for the lad doing that AND getting used to the Prem.

RedDevils2253d ago

If you watch La liga you should Mata is an awesome player

zeddy2253d ago

get your finger out wenger, yet another player stolen under the nose of arsenal, they're getting left behind big time.

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