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World Football: Ranking the 3 Best Wingers

The winger has been an integral part of world football for many years. The showmanship and the tricks of these players were highlighted in the oft-used 4-4-2 formation, which employed right and left wingers outside of two central midfielders.

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FootballZilla2496d ago

Agree 10000% with list there all amazing :)

Anderson82496d ago

a good list.. although can ronaldo still be classed as a winger?.. like messi he plays where he wants and is used upfront more than out wide these days

FootballZilla2495d ago

MEssi dosent play on the wing most times, Ronaldo does play winger most time.

kane_lfc2496d ago

Im sorry but why the hell is Nani in it? Before the Community shield game all the Man U fans were slagging him of and saying hes rubbish and he was nearly sold to Juve

buddymagoo2496d ago

Nani had more assists than anyone last year in the premier league and scored 9 too. Super Nani!

kane_lfc2496d ago

Yer but most Man U fans were still slagging him of :/

RedDevils2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

I Agree Kane, Man U fans were slagging him off, but United fans were praising him though :P

On serious note, Nani is league best winger last season, it a pity he didn't get player of the year award which the overrated Bale got

Anderson82496d ago

hes been top quality for about 2 seasons i doubt any1 was slaggin him off after last years performances

guigsy2495d ago

Sorry but you're either putting words in people's mouths or taking a few people's comments as a majority opinion. Nani was one of our best players last season, 9 goals and 18 assists in the league speaks for itself.

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FootballZilla2496d ago

Nani is a really good player all the assists last season gave the league to man u. FACT

xtremegamerage2495d ago

Nani is a whinger, not a winger. Very overrated player.

Overmars was the best winger. once upon a time.