Samuel Eto'o set to become the world's highest-paid player as Anzhi Makhachkala confirm agreement

The Russian side have released a statement on their official site in which they claim an accord has been struck with the Italians for the striker, who will sign a three-year deal

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freeduck1981d ago

Lost all respect for this guy. Players who choose money over football are just greedy, and bad role models.

FootballZilla1981d ago

Welll you cant say that because you havent had to make a decision like that ... Maybe you would take the monney

Sahil1980d ago

He's won everything he possibly could in his career, he's 30yrs old now and don't have the same speed and stamina. I cudn't agree more with his decision.

Anderson81980d ago

strange though.. he used to complain about racism in spain and now hes moving to a country where he'll certainly recieve it every match..


R u mad...ETO has earned his stripes... 2 Champions leauge trophyies says it all.

KingPin1979d ago

then i take it you must hate Manchester city completely. That whole team is there for the money, so much so that when sergio Aguero came into the team, the players who been there longer were complaining that their wages weren't high enough.

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momthemeatloaf1980d ago

WTF, Eto'o is old. Dumb Russians

Sahil1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

Holy shit.. £345k/week which means £2100/hour

FootballZilla1980d ago

he gets paid £35 every minute loooool.

every 3 secons £1.75 so hes waking like 1.50 now 3£ now 3.50 now 7£ loool

Sahil1980d ago

This is life, no pressure of winnin' trophies and raining money!