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Ferguson ends BBC feud after 7 years

Sir Alex Ferguson has put an end to his long-running feud with the BBC.

Ferguson began his boycott in 2004 after it made allegations against his son, Jason, in a TV documentary entitled "Fergie & Son".

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KingsCross2434d ago

Haha. Soon he will make up a new story to boicott Them again. Ferguson has some strange connections in his brain. Some for the good? For ne it looks bad!

KingsCross2433d ago

Yea, 7 years tells me he's a stubborn basterd...

Baka-akaB2433d ago

well wouldnt you be ? if some dude from some network made up stuff , in your opinion , about your child , would you bother talking to them ?

MaximusPrime2433d ago

according to picture, Alex seems to be bowing down to BBC?

pykey082433d ago

its possibly £££££ £££s