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230° Manchester United draw Benfica, Basel and Otelul Galati in Champions League Group C

Manchester United have drawn Benfica, Basel and Romanian minnows Otelul Galati in the Champions League draw in Monaco.

Here is the lowdown on each of the teams competing in Group C.

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Do we really need an article for each group?

Mozilla892494d ago

I was wondering the same thing...

RedDevils2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

The Hunter just want to get some cheap points, This probably the last time I will comment on his Article and will probably report it if something similar to this

zeddy2495d ago

whew.. nice group for us, could have been worse.

KingsCross2494d ago

United gets the easiest group very year. Coincidence ? I guess not...

Infernostew2494d ago

Sir Bobby Charlton rigged the whole thing. /s Chelsea has an easy group too so that must be a conspiracy as well.

coxy2494d ago

Seems like a pretty easy run for Manchester boys; well, not if you're on the blue side of Manchester.

Infernostew2494d ago

I was really hoping that city would land in the group with Barca and Milan.

coxy2494d ago

If that was the case; I'd be cheering on Manchester City. I'd love to see an all Manchester final.