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Elia on Arsenal's radar

The Gunners are looking to strengthen their squad before next Wednesday's transfer deadline and are in particular need of new creative talent after selling Samir Nasri and Cesc Fabregas to Manchester City and Barcelona respectively.

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Yi-Long2494d ago

... and I really hope he will come to the Premier League, but why would Arsenal buy him!?

They already have Arshavin and the great Ryo to play on the left wing, which is also Elia's position.

no_more_heroes2494d ago

Three reasons:

1. Injuries

2. Suspensions

3. Arshavin's legs ain't what they used to be

Yi-Long2494d ago

... but if he's going to be 2nd or 3rd choice, he'd be better off going to Fulham or something.

About 3: I don't think Arshavin has ever really consistently performed for Arsenal. I really hope Wenger will bench him for Ryo ASAP.

rafay2493d ago

Right now, they should just BUY anyone. Even a NFL player would be fine! Lol...

Yi-Long2493d ago

... from Monaco.

I'm sure he's good and all, but why loan out Vela and then buy a new striker? It doesn't really make much sense to me.

There was also the rumour that they might try to get Sneijder, but I don't really see that happening considering the wage-demands.

On the other hand, he (and his diva wife) might prefer London over Manchester (who wouldn't?) and already like the club.

rafay2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

I don't think the quality is an issue. The players that they have all have quality. All can play football. They need match winners. Proven match winners. I don't see this new signing make much of a difference!

Sneijder like you said would have been really worth buying and paying more than they usually do! He will win you games.

Yi-Long2493d ago

... I might prefer Keisuke Honda.

He's younger, bigger, stronger, costs much less, could function as a 'big brother' for Arsenal's biggest talent Ryo, plus he's also a great playmaker with a very good free kick and shot-technique.