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Highlights: Barcelona 2-0 FC Porto (UEFA Super Cup - 26/08/2011)

1-0 L. Messi 39'
2-0 F. Fabregas 88'

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FootballZilla2465d ago (Edited 2465d ago )

First goal nothing to say unlucky.

If that didnt happen porto would of drew 0-0.

Porto played better than most teams vs barca, we played better than man u in cl final sooo porto will be good in cl and now we know we can beat any team.

Porto had pen not called and THE PITCH WAS TERRRRIBLEEE OMG.

But we lost against the best team in the world and thats not a shame :)

rafay2465d ago

But in that second goal Porto were torn apart by Barca! Didn't see the whole match so I have no idea who played better...

buddymagoo2465d ago (Edited 2465d ago )

Man United beat Barca in pre-season with our reserve team. Also Hercules beat them last year at around this time. It means nothing really until the end of the season. Porto played well though and at times Barca looked a little ruffled.

Not nice to see Porto get a little dirty towards the end.

Corepred42465d ago

Wait shouldn't that first goal have been offside?!

news4geeks2465d ago


lol, you don't watch much football do you...

Mozilla892465d ago

Didn't Zenit beat Barcelona in the super cup a couple years ago? Porto are pretty good but I wouldn't take too much from this game.

no_more_heroes2465d ago (Edited 2465d ago )

no, it was Man Utd they beat.

sdtarm2465d ago

hey footballzilla, the first goal was not only luck tho, its the failure from the coach who didnt teach their team how to play and not risk balls like that.

Im colombian and fredy guarin plays in my national team, he used to do that (challenge other players in risky positions, when he obvivously shows no talent to fool anyone)and lose the ball really easily, he was quickly called out by the coach and he kinda stopped but now I know where this problem started out, its a failure that cost them the cup, sad.

Anderson82465d ago

porto played great first half and outplayed barca but i think they would have won it in the end even if the ref had given you the penalty(stone wall).. they outplayed you in the second half and looked like the only team that would win it

FootballZilla2465d ago

yes agree outplayed 2nd half.

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rafay2465d ago

Brilliant goal by Fabregas!

RufustheKing2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

it's funny isn't it. Fabregas has won the same amount of trophies at Barca in just 11 days than he did in 8 years at arsenal. lol as a Man u fan that cracks me up :)

rafay2464d ago

It makes better reading if you say three games two trophies. Lol. And I don't know how many hundred and two trophies with Arsenal!

The_Blair2465d ago

Great game by Porto. Only lost the match because of a big error, a not called penalty and cries from a baby called Fernando. Need a striker ASAP, tough.

rafay, Porto ended the match with 9 players. Fabregas had no oposition xb

rafay2465d ago

Yeah but still look at the run he made and the control and finish. Top class! And I'm not a Barca fan or a Fabregas fan for that matter.

But two sending offs is not good!

The_Blair2464d ago

Agreed, altough both of them came at the end of the game, one was really needed, the other was completely unnecesary. I'll wait and see how this comes out against Shakhtar in Champions League.

I liked the first goal better, but Barcelona is really Fabregas' place.

FootballZilla2465d ago

@buddymagoo barca also had ther reserve team lool and you got destroyed in cl final porto played better ... and like pep guardiola said Rolando was 2x yellow card no dirty tackle and guarin was because of the pitch also he said sorry to mascherano. And i bet you dint even watch the game

buddymagoo2465d ago (Edited 2465d ago )

I bet we will be there again this season! Trying and not playing dirty while making schoolboy errors like your team did tonight. I watched the game to see if Barca had made improvements since we last beat them with there 9 champions league final starters.

You said this
"But we lost against the best team in the world and thats not a shame :)"
So does this apply only to your team???

FootballZilla2465d ago

No, it dosent apply only to my team.

all i said was that WE played better than man u did the have any chances we was blocking them all the time ..

Anderson82465d ago

barca had 6 of there cl finalists starting in that game it wasnt there reserve team.. but it was pre season and they dnt mean much just like this was a super cup not a champs league final so dont get carried away..

porto played great first half but barca looked like the only team that would score or win it in the 2nd.. and the bad pitch affected barcas play more than portos.. lol an apology doesnt make it a gd tackle.. but tbh i didnt even think it was a red

cleanhealthy122465d ago

lol what are man u fans really bragging about a pre season win were we had no messi?

also the game was 1-1 until we subbed off the few starters we had on.

lol 3-1 (man u offside goal) and 2-0 when it matters.

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