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nieuwland142459d ago

Mata was brilliant!!! He immediately lifted the teams spirits after the 1-1 and delivered some great passes! Lukaku was also great but a shame he didn't get the chance to score, he was far more lively and fanatic than Torres and will probaly score sooner then he will. Great buys Andre!

KingsCross2459d ago

Come and tell me stories about united and city: this season belongs to us! We gave the best squad, tactic, mental force. Chelsea wins it this year!!!

sokrates2459d ago

Bla bla. You wrote the same things last season. You are right that Chelsea are good, and they gonna fight in the top. But I doubt they have the best squad- on paper I guess its city- tactics normally belongs to ferguson;) mentality is normally united as well. So, Chelsea wins... I don't think so. Maybe city, most probably united!

rafay2459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

Chelsea look scared when they are playing! No confidence in the players. They are like the Arsenal team of 2005. After the unbeaten season, once they lost to United they just couldn't play. Same has happened here with them.

And they need a midfielder. Lampard is worse than Frimpong to be honest!


3 games in and suddenly we all know who is going to win the league. Seriously did you not learn anything from last season?

freeduck2459d ago

Chelsea were quite poor until Norwich was down to 10men

Let's see how Chelsea perform against teams like Utd, City, Liverpool, Tottenham.

rafay2459d ago

You win the league by beating teams like Norwich when you aren't playing well. Not that I'm saying Chelsea will win or anything, I hope they don't, but still the fact that they are at least getting the results is all that matters.

zeddy2459d ago

chelsea have a better squad than man city or man utd? the only player who would get in the united team would be essien if he was ever fit.

RedDevils2459d ago

Chelsea doesn't had better squad than City, the only thing Chelsea are better than them are Chemistry that it

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MaximusPrime2459d ago

quality of these videos are pretty crap.

better watch it on Match of the Day later on.

good job, Mata. Best buy for Chelsea. Hope he'll keep this up.

RedDevils2459d ago

that is why I rather watch the dailymotion one way better, usually it got analysis

Mozilla892459d ago

On another note, I hope Drogba is alright. That looked like a bad fall.

karim2459d ago

Hearing that Drogba will be release from hospital today..What a beast :) Mata,what an amazing signing...Lukaku played well :')

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The story is too old to be commented.