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freeduck2429d ago

Suarez shoulda really scored one or two this game, ref missed a penalty and free kicks. Poor error by carra
Scoreline should have been something like 5-0

rafay2429d ago

Suarez is a genius! But what really really ticks me off, is that he is such a dirty player! The dive in the box in the second half was outrageous. Really if he can stop with that, what a great talent!

zeddy2429d ago

it wasnt a dive, watch it again, knight pulls him back with his hand.

NewMonday2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

he stayed on his feet after the first challenge, but the defender then used his hands to clip the feet of Suarez.

but the ref made made many silly calls today, the BIG one is ignoring the blatant back pass.

on another topic, Kyut and Suarez look like a great combo, they should be the main strikers, and AC can be a sub, he is a top player, but it is better for him to relax with no pressure and learn the teams rhythm

Sahil2428d ago

Not a dive buddy, watch it again.

RedDevils2428d ago

Carroll is no way a top player, he shouldn't be brought in the first place, what a waste of money, with that money you could of get Aguero

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sokrates2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

Well, the quality of this pic isnt the best, but I saw the match live. Liverpool Impressed med today, and while people keep talking about City, United and Chelsea for the title- I want to add Liverpool! Dalglish is a man I respect and he gives something extra to Liverpool. I am really looking forward to United - Liverpool. They might be 1 and 2 this year...

Glory Man United! But respect to Liverpool 2011.

rafay2429d ago

I was cheering for them by the end of the first half. The way they were playing! Brilliant football.

But if they are to finish 1 or 2, they need a good defender. They need to be able to win 1-0 in low profile away games to win the league. They don't have a world class Centre Back right now.

sokrates2429d ago

Good points and I agree. I really dont hope they end up 1th. But second is fine by me if the challengers are City and Chelsea:)

united- liverpool-tottenham-arsenal would be just perfect!

rafay2429d ago

@sokrates: Hahahahahaha! That would be the dream no. Seeing Chelsea and City out of the top 4! :D

kane_lfc2429d ago

Being honest, Chelsea haven't really convincingly beat anyone yet...

Mozilla892429d ago

Well, I'm sure I'll finally see more people playing as Liverpool in FIFA 12 this year. Almost no one plays as them right now.

Sahil2429d ago

Good performance from everyone wearing that lfc shirt, well done.

Maradona2428d ago

yes good to see, and even more cred to Kenny.

zico2428d ago

I liked what I saw yesterday. Before the fight I was pretty excited, because it is against such teams liverpool in recent seasons have lost points. What I saw yesterday was perhaps "new liverpool" a liverpool I'm looking forward to seeing more.

Suarez is fantastic! And Carroll is comming, have patience...

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