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Tottenham Decide To Cut Losses And Sell Luka Modric To Chelsea For £40m

Tottenham Hotspur have decided to sell midfielder Luka Modric to Chelsea because they feel the player will not put in the required effort if he stays.

The 25-year-old has been on the Blues radar all summer but Spurs have so far stood firm in their reluctance to sell him.

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nieuwland142243d ago

Yesssssss!!!!!!!! Finally!!!!!!!

RedDevils2243d ago

LMAO do you even take caughtoffside that seriously?? they're the worst, even sometime is better

Yi-Long2243d ago

... PLUS a player!?!?

I didn't even think he was worth more than 20 million. He's been so inconsistent the last few years. Vastly overrated as far as I'm concerned.

Anderson82243d ago

modric is great and all but wouldnt you rather mceachran got the chance to play for you instead.. this move would make it impossible for him to get any starting time

nieuwland142243d ago

Yeah thats true but i would rather have modric now and when lampard retires mceachran could step right in his place (when hes more experienced and mature), playing alongside modric!

MaximusPrime2243d ago

it doesn't mean that it has confirmed. Still ongoing.

I need more proof from that article.

rafay2243d ago

Anything on caughtoffisde needs more proof...

Sahil2243d ago

If spending 40m.. why not sneijder.

rafay2243d ago

Because Inter want to hold onto him!

Sahil2243d ago (Edited 2243d ago )

still.. if chelsea wuld've offered that much or a bit more, Inter were sold!

Mozilla892243d ago

I'm pretty sure that he's up for sale at the right price. It sounded like Inter were shopping him around earlier.

40 mil pounds for Modric is stupid, he's good but not 40 mil pounds good.

Psychonaughty2243d ago

Goof riddens, seems some people don't understand what a contract means anymore.

karim2243d ago

I got excited for 2 seconds,then I realised caughtoffside is the source

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The story is too old to be commented.