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Raul Meireles joins Chelsea


Chelsea Football Club is delighted to announce the signing of Raul Meireles from Liverpool on a four-year contract.
The midfielder, 28, arrives after just over a season at Anfield in which he made 44 appearances for the Reds.

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Sahil2485d ago

Glad, we don't need people who are forcing their way out. How does it feel to be second-rate to Luka Modric?

FootballZilla2485d ago

Hahaha sahil... No.

He didnt like that he wasnt getting played and i agree he was liverpools best player last season with lucas. and he didnt get any respect from dalgish i would move to a club with better ambitions if i was him too..

Sahil2485d ago

I understand Meireles couldn't get a game and thats when Gerrard's injured, I think it's fair he left(first comment was instant rage).

NewMonday2485d ago

Henderson is player taking his position, they got 12M ponds from the deal, the Liverpool squad looks good and versatile with no dead wight.

zeddy2485d ago

forcing their way out? blame dalglish for not playing him and signing 2 new midfielders. he was one of lfc best players last season and he didnt even get recognised by kenny. dont blame him for wanting out.

kulka2485d ago

damn Liverpool should have asked for more than 15 milion why couldn't he leave earlier to give us time to find replacment?

Mozilla892485d ago

You do have a replacement, his name is Steven Gerrard. Besides, you already have lucas, henderson, downing, and adam. Plus maybe an academy product?

Sahil2485d ago

yeah. we have enough replacements :)

FootballZilla2485d ago

Like ive said more than twice he was liverpools best player last season and also lucas dont know why he didnt get played while he wasnt injured :/

freeduck2485d ago

Liverpool have better midfielders. Kenny certainly felt that he would just be a squad player. There's no way he will start over Gerrard, Lucas, Adam, Downing. Those four will get game.
I think selling Meireles gives more opportunity for players like Henderson, Shelvey, Spearing some gametime.

FootballZilla2485d ago

Meireles one of liverpool best players last season and this season dalgish just ignored him by signing two new players of his position and not even playing him i would of left too.

Maradona2484d ago

this will be a big loss for lfc. He is a assist player and a goal scorer.