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5 Reasons Mikel Arteta Is the Answer for Arsene Wenger

The Spaniard has the quality to ensure that Arsenal remain very much in the fight for at least a top four finish. Here are five reasons why signing Mikel Arteta would be a good move for Wenger.

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kane_lfc2428d ago

2 reasons why he isnt...hes injury prone (He has only played 42 games in the last 2 seasons put together) and hes simply not good enough to replace Fabregas.

sokrates2428d ago

I think the injruies is the main key, nothing to except on his talent! Staying fit, he will develop and take over responebility. And, win a place as an important player for Arsenal.

RedDevils2428d ago

He actually a very good players, the thing that holding him back is being injured as much as Fabregas.

Btw he look like Fabregas cousin or brother lol