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Neville laments England's lack of quality

Former Manchester United captain Gary Neville believes not even Sir Alex Ferguson would have helped England win last year's World Cup.

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sokrates2487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )

I think he is wrong... Players like Neville destroys England. They are not footballer in mind and tecnik- just product of training.

For some very strange reason he has won many things with United. I CANT UNDERSTAND how its possible to win anything using players like Neville was.

So, thats Englands great problem: The squad. And Capello is not a genious enough to make average international players win.

Ferguson has been in the same position many times, having some stars ( as England also have) and some week spots- Like Neville. Still they won the CL, and the PL to many to even mention it. WITH NEVILLE - The worst back ever!

buddymagoo2487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )

What a joke! You have obviously never seen him through out his career.

He was one of the best crossers we have ever had. Beckham would go into the centre and Gary would whip one in from the wing.

He had amazing technical ability on the ball as well as a great tackler.

Great player and would not have lasted as long if he was as bad as you say.