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Cristiano Ronaldo: Real Madrid are the best club in the world and many others envy us

The Portugal international is expecting a "great year" for Mourinho's men and believes his side can learn from last season's defeats to Barcelona in the Champions League.

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sdtarm2483d ago

well they havent win a game yet... why dont you focus CR7, I mean I bet Mourinho will keep asking why? why RM cant win to FC Barca

DavidLuiz42483d ago

Because there always or usually a man down every game , are you keeping up or what?
- Maybe You should tell Barca stop Crying , Diving , and Cheating Because its been going for 3 years now , and could probably be 4!

" A F------ Disgrace "

RGB2483d ago

Barcelona's Tactics;

Plan A - Keep the ball in their half for so long that the opponents get bored. Then give it to Xavi, Iniesta and Messi and somehow score a goal or assist a goal. If its not working, Shift to Plan B.

Plan B - Busquets, Pedro, Mascherano and Alves takes over the responsibility and dive until someone on the other team gets sent off. Then switch back to Plan A.

Chelsea - 2009.
Arsenal - 2011.
Real Madrid - 2009-Present.

sdtarm2482d ago

haha look at all the little whiners

keep crying, we didnt win the champions league using cheap tactics, and I didnt see anybody getting sent off in la copa del rey last day... and I though Real had really practiced for that game a lot and were in "really good shape" as most ppl said

krazykombatant2482d ago

Exactly no one was sent of in La Copa del Rey and RM won! your not supporting your cause there. But perhaps your confusing that cup with the Spanish Supercup.

Corepred42483d ago

Yeah as much as I love my team, I think until they finally start beating Barca on a regular basis and in important games, that he shouldn't be saying this. good attitude though.

kulka2482d ago

Barca is not the only team that dives why an't UEFA just ban all divers ?

krazykombatant2482d ago

Ban is too harsh, and it wouldn't accomplish much. Other than getting players really pissed off.

Now what they need to have is the refs record and just watch the damn game again and have those that dove to try and get the other player kicked and just put a decent size fine on them.

That aught to limit the amount of diving.

Same goes with the racist slurs that seem to be thrown around the Classico. But idk about that since Spaniards are racist by culture.